Rolling machines for mechanical sheet metal 3-rollers

Among the different types of machines for metal processing can be distinguished, among others, 3-roller mechanical sheet metal rolling machines. These are solutions that appear in many companies and industrial plants – however, in order to take care of the highest efficiency of work, it is necessary to bet on proven and efficient solutions. As part of the Polteknik range, there are models of the Akyapak brand, which attaches importance to the quality, durability and efficiency of the proposed products.

3-roll Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Akyapak AS
3-roll Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Akyapak ASM
3-roll Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Akyapak ASM-S

What can a mechanical rolling machine be used for?

Metal rolling machines are one of the machines used to perform plastic processing of metal sheets of various types and sizes. They are used in many industries to form metal into ellipse-shaped objects, cones or other oval solids. Rolling machines are suitable for the automotive and shipbuilding industries, but they can also be found in the fuel, sanitary, food and many other industries. Their action consists in rolling metal sheets, which are thereby transformed into elements of the desired shape. These types of components can be used in different designs, so solutions such as the 3-roller mechanical rolling mill are very popular.

Mechanical rolling mill – working principle

The basis of the operation of the rolling or winding machine is the mechanical motor that drives the machine. Thanks to it, the whole can function efficiently and safely for many hours, maintaining the desired operating parameters during this time. In the mechanical rolling mill there are gears and an electric motor – the main roller is pulled out manually from the side, which allows you to pull the finished material out of the machine. This type of mechanical rolling machine is suitable for materials with a thickness of 1–8 mm. For thicker sheets, the better choice will be hydraulic rolling machines, which can also be found in our offer – both 3-roll and 4-roll versions.

3-roller mechanical rolling machine – models available at Polteknik

Our store offers three models of mechanical 3-roller rolling mills from the proven company Akyapak, which enjoys a great reputation among customers. The products we offer are characterized by high quality of workmanship and full comfort of work, which translates into the possibility of effective use in many production plants. Moreover, we provide not only high-quality machines, but also additional equipment for individual equipment. To the selected models you can add motor adjustment of the side roller position, digital display of the side roller position, as well as tools for winding profile pipes mounted on elongated rollers. Also available are the same elongated rollers, which will greatly facilitate work with larger sheets. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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