Hydraulic sheet metal rolling machines 3-roll

Polteknik’s product range is a complete offer of machines facilitating plastic processing of sheets and metals. You can find solutions such as a 3-roller hydraulic sheet rolling machine – the use of such equipment ensures precision, efficient operation and trouble-free operation. It is a good choice for rolling thicker materials. We offer only models appreciated by our customers, which are used in professional production plants all over the world.

3-roll hydraulic plate bending machines Akyapak AHK
Variable Geometry Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine Akyapak AHV

What is a 3-roller hydraulic sheet winder for?

Walcarka hydrauliczna 3-rolkowa to urządzenie wykorzystywane w wielu branżach, na przykład przemyśle motoryzacyjnym, petrochemicznym czy stoczniowym. Takie maszyny przydają się również przy wznoszeniu konstrukcji stalowych, wież wiatrowych, zbiorników czy mostów. Walcarka do blachy hydrauliczna 3-rolkowa ma za zadanie przede wszystkim zapewniać wsparcie w zwijaniu różnego typu detali cylindrycznych, eliptycznych, owalnych i stożkowych.

Walcarka hydrauliczna – rodzaje produktów dostępne w Polteknik

The 3-roller hydraulic rolling mill is a machine used in many industries, such as automotive, petrochemical or shipbuilding. Such machines are also useful when erecting steel structures, wind towers, tanks or bridges. The main task of the 3-roller hydraulic sheet rolling machine is to provide support in the coiling of various types of cylindrical, elliptical, oval and conical parts.

Hydraulic rolling mill – types of products available at Polteknik

Polteknik offers a variety of machines for plastic processing of sheets and metals. Hydraulic rolling machines are divided into different types in terms of both the drive and the number of rollers, including:

– 3-roller hydraulic rolling machines;
– 4-roller hydraulic rolling machines;
– 3-roller mechanical rolling machines.

Hydraulically driven devices are mainly used for thicker materials. The thickness of the sheets processed by this type of machine can be up to 13 mm.

How does 3-roller hydraulic sheet rolling machine work?

3 Roller Hydraulic Rolling Machine uses proven mechanisms that have supported various industrial plants for many years. At the base of its operation are hydraulically driven gears, whose lateral movement takes place in an arc – the whole works without human intervention. During the molding process, the 3-roller hydraulic rolling machine can be freely adjusted so as to adjust its speed and method of coiling the metal according to your preferences and needs.

A 3-roller hydraulic sheet metal coiler is characterized by the presence of three rollers used for metal processing. Models with this specification will work great on slightly thicker sheets, but you should take care that the sheet can move freely between the rolls in order to obtain the right shape. We offer offers of Turkish company Akyapak, which enjoys great reputation among customers all over the world. In addition, we provide full technical support as well as help in choosing the right solution for your specific application.

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