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Polteknik Ltd. Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1990 and specializes in the sale and service of forming, laser cutting and surface processing machines for the metal industry.
We cooperate with renowned manufacturers from Europe, Japan and Turkey and have almost three thousand machines installed throughout Poland.
Every customer is unique to us, and our offer is used by small family businesses as well as large production plants. During the machine purchase phase, we support our customers with professional advice in the selection of the technology and configuration of the systems.
We have an experienced service team that puts the delivered machines into operation, conducts operating training and regular inspections.

Polteknik has its own spare parts warehouse and a showroom where presentations and tests of the machines are carried out.
Over the years of our presence on the market, we have confirmed the quality and technological advancement of the equipment offered and the high level of service.
Since 2016, we have been implementing projects in the field of robotization sheet metal bending machines. Due to the growing demand for solutions in the field of automation of production processes, we founded the independent company CNC Robotics in 2022. The company employs engineers with many years of experience in different industries and specializes in the design and execution of automated and robot-supported workstations, both for the machines supplied by Polteknik and for the production lines already in operation.
Polteknik is the added value of your investment!

Our company motto is “honesty and reliability in every aspect of our business.”

Our suppliers:

AKYAPAK – Turkey

Akyapak Makina was founded in 1962 in Bursa, Turkey. Currently, Akyapak exports its products to more than 110 countries, being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plate rolling, angle rolls, pipe bending machines, drilling centers, sheet metal welding lines, dishing presses, flanging machines and many other equipment.
Machines are supplied to many sectors of the economy related to, for example, petrochemical, shipbuilding, automotive, steel structures, production of tanks, pipes, bridges, wind towers, etc.


A world-renowned company dedicated to the production of machines, robotic workstations and complete lines for deburring, grinding and polishing – from pipes and sections, to flat sheets and 3D spatial details. Autopulit devices offer not only high efficiency, but above all repeatable and very high quality operations. Autopulit has been building its brand since 1962, being a certified supplier of Boeing, Airbus, Eurocopter, Fokker and Sapa.
POLTEKNIK has been a distributor and authorized service provider of Autopulit since 2006.

BAYKAL – Turkey

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydraulic, hybrid and servo-electric press brakes, guillotine shears, laser and plasma cutters and punching machines. The company was founded in 1950 in Bursa, Turkey, where it has three production plants with a total area of 70,000 m².
Baykal Makina manufactures its machines based on components from reputable suppliers and is able to meet individual requirements in terms of non-standard pressures or working sizes of offered machines.


Gabella Macchine is a company located in Italy, producing cut-to-length lines, slitting and recoiling and automatic slitters since the 1960s. Gabella has specialized in the production of lines for materials up to 4 mm thick, offering its solutions to even the most demanding customers all over the world.

JORNS – Switzerland

Jorns AG was founded in 1973 by Kurt Jorns. Today the owner is the son of the founder Marc, who continues the family traditions. As one of the industry leaders, Jorns offers sheet metal companies, sandwich panel manufacturers and more, the latest developments in sheet metal bending, guaranteeing legendary Swiss precision and workmanship. The company produces innovative bending machines with one or two bending beams, with the possibility of double-sided bending without the need to rotate the sheet, with the option of full automation of the working station using a robot or manipulator.

LASCAM – Czech Republic

LASCAM is one of the leading suppliers of laser technology in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company was established in 2015 and is located in Prague, where its production plant with a total area of 1500 m2. LASCAM installed more than 70 machines in a few countries around the world, mainly supplied in the form of automated cleaning stations or as an alternative to manual use.

KRASSER – Austria

Krasser GmbH was founded in 1999 in Graz, Austria. It is a leading supplier of fully automated sheet metal cutting and slitting production lines with automatic coil magazine. Solutions are tailored to the individual needs of customers. Around 200 Krasser systems have already been installed worldwide.


It is part of one of Japan’s two largest manufacturing and trading organizations, founded in 1870 by Yataro Iwasaki and now known as Mitsubishi Corp. The group includes manufacturing plants related to metallurgy, shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, energy, fuel, and machinery industries. The group also includes Mitsubishi Bank of Tokyo, which is Japan’s largest bank. Since 1960, the company has been manufacturing resonators, laser cutting machines and CNC robots.


A Japanese manufacturer of punching presses, which was the first to patent a servo motor system in the press drive, which revolutionized the production capabilities of this type of machine. Muratec is present all over the world and the brand has become recognizable as reliable and practically trouble-free. Muratec machines are manufactured in Japan, 100% from native parts and components. According to the manufacturer, only such a solution ensures excellent quality of machines and allows for their comprehensive testing before shipping to customers.

OMAS – Italy

Established in 1976, Omas s.r.l. manufactures machines for bending and profiling of wire and metal strip. The company is characterized by a large number of offered models of machines, and in order to meet customers, it also undertakes the implementation of individual projects. The Italian brand Omas is synonymous with quality and reliability, which translates into successes that have been achieved all over the world. Omas has been represented in Poland by Polteknik since 2010.

RAS – Germany

The origins of RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH date back to 1939, when Wilhelm Reinhardt started his business by opening a mechanical workshop and then starting production of simple sheet metal processing machines. Today RAS is a leading manufacturer of modern bending machines, automated CNC bending centres operated by robots or manipulators, guillotine shears and machines for the production of ventilation ducts. RAS has two state-of-the-art production facilities in Sindelfingen and Effringen near Stuttgart and a subsidiary of RAS Systems in Atlanta, USA. The company owes its high position on the market to continuous investments in R&D and German precision and reliability of workmanship.

SCHECHTL – Germany

Schechtl Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the metal industry. Founded by blacksmith Josef Schechtl in 1910, the manufactory quickly developed to offer machines in every part of the world today. The core business of Schechtl is the production of bending machines and guillotine shears for thin sheet metal, ranging from 0.5 to 3 mm. Today Schechtl uses the latest mechanical and CNC solutions.

Sheet metal processing machines- Polteknik machines

Within the offer of our company you can find, among others, machines and equipment for sheet metal processing machines.  All of them are characterized by high durability and quality, which distinguishes them on the market – Polteknik machines can operate for many years without problems and failures.

Efficient sheet metal processing machines is possible thanks to devices such as:

  • press brakes,
  • guillotine shears,
  • plate rolling machines,
  • pipe and profile benders,
  • servo-motor punching machines,
  • bending machines,
  • bending centres,
  • wire bending machines,
  • machines for the production of ventilation ducts,
  • automatic cut-to-length lines,
  • dishing presses
  • flanging machines

Individual equipment will work with sheet metal, profiles, pipes and strips. With them, you can safely, quickly and effortlessly go through a variety of processes such as opening, cutting, punching, rolling and bending. The machines for plastic processing present in our offer come only from reputable, valued all over the world suppliers. We can boast, among others, of reliable, trouble-free machines for the production of ventilation ducts from RAS.

Thermal cutting machines

Polteknik’s offer is much more than plastic processing. Our product range also includes numerous devices for thermal work with metal and other materials. For example, you can purchase laser and plasma cutters, as well as automation and work management solutions for these types of machines. High-quality machines offer many benefits – above all, a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in costs associated with the production process. The metalworking machines offered by Polteknik are used in many industries that require maximum precision and efficiency. We provide access to equipment from world leaders in this industry, such as Mitsubishi Electric, which has been dominating the heat treatment machinery market for years.

Surface treatment machines

Metalworking machines are not only machines for plastic and thermal applications, but also for surface applications. In our offer you can also find equipment adapted for this type of work. These are solutions such as engraving, polishing, grinding and edge rounding machines, as well as drilling centers for profiles. Our offer works well in combination with process automation, which will further increase their efficiency and usability. Polteknik metalworking machines will be the right choice for surface materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium alloys, independent metals. Our devices can speed up work up to six times, which would be done manually without machines.

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