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Angle Punching Shearing- Marking Line AKD

Punching line for squares AKD
AKD Series machines are devices designed using over 50 years of AKYAPAK experience. Their purpose is to automatically perform punching, marking and cutting of angle bars used, among others, in steel structures, bridges, masts and power poles.
The body of the machine is a welded steel structure subjected to tempering in order to maintain ideal parameters throughout the entire period of operation.
The AKD 160 is able to process angle bars with dimensions from 40x40x4 to 160x160x16mm. The material is introduced into the machine by the feeding arm, the zero point is checked by laser and then the device starts the CNC-controlled process. The material is clamped in the device thanks to the hydraulic jaws and the cross-working punches punch holes in precisely designed places. The detail can be marked and cut with a guillotine at the exit of the device.

Technical data:

Number of punching heads: Siemens
Number of punching heads: 6 (3 left i 3 right)
Punching power: 785kN (78,5t)
Maximum diameter and thickness of punched material: Fi 32 / 16mm thickness
Minimum dimensions of the angle bar: 40x40x4mm

Maximum dimensions of the angle bar: 160x160x16mm
Maximum length of the angle: 12 000mm
The power of the marking unit: 850kN (85t)
The number of characters in the marking cartridge: 8
Single character dimensions: 10x12x0,75mm


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