Angle Rolls machines

Angle Rolls are one of the many types of bending machines that can be used to work with different materials. This type of equipment is used to bend pipes, profiles and bars to obtain the desired shape. Models from our offer are characterized by high precision, durability and a great standard of workmanship, thanks to which they are perfect for many different plants and factories. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of Polteknik.

Angel Rolls Akyapak APK 101, 121
Angle Rolls Akyapak APK 180, 240, 280, 300, 360, 550
Angle Rolls Akyapak Seria APK 30, 35, 45
Angle Rolls Akyapak APK 40, 50, 61, 81

Three-roller bending machines for pipes – application

The three-roller bender is a specialized device that can be useful in various industries. With the use of this equipment, rods, profiles and pipes made of various materials can be bent almost in any way. Properly selected three-roller benders can work on many objects – they can handle, for example, aluminium, brass, steel and other metals. Their task is to properly bend the material before it is handed over for further processing. The basis of the operation of equipment such as a three-roller bender is accuracy: equipment from Polteknik offer will allow you to prepare even the most complicated bending lines in an efficient and precise way.

Operation of Angle Rolls

Angle Rolls works with the use of specially prepared side pipes, which regulate the whole operation of the device. Thanks to the use of a hydraulic system, they can move up and down, which allows optimal processing of the material. The pipes work independently of each other, thereby pressing the objects according to established guidelines, bending them and feeding themselves further parts that need to be processed. Their huge plus is fast, automated work, which allows the device to operate independently. All this makes the Angle Rolls machine possible to streamline many processes, which will translate into greater production efficiency.

Check out Angle Rolls in Polteknik’s offer

In the assortment of Polteknik you can find several different models of Angle Rolls. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our priority – that’s why we rely only on trusted partners who have earned the trust of users from different industries. To find out which three-roller bender will be the best, read our detailed descriptions and parameters, which include the range of roller position adjustment. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us – our advisors will certainly be able to recommend the best model in terms of the needs and requirements of a given company.

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