Automatic cut-to-length lines

The modern, innovative and automatic sheet metal cutting line from the Austrian manufacturer Krasser is a milestone for every production plant. We offer an advanced solution both for production operating on several types and sizes of sheet metal, as well as for more demanding customers, where the number of coils or sheet metal types is much larger. In both cases, we can tailor an efficient and cost-effective solution to your individual needs.

Automated Coil Handling and Slitting System CENTURIO
Automatic Slitting and Cut to length machine OPTIMA
Cut-to-length line up to 4 mm thickness

Solutions from Polteknik’s offer – sheet metal slitting and cross cutting line

The cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting functions are enhanced with partial cross-cutting with a circular shear. In addition, we can enrich our line with the labeling of cut-outs with information about the final detail and QR code, or barcode, which will be read in the next processing, for example on the Jorns or Ras bending machine. The sheet metal cutting line offered by us also gives the possibility of automatic sheet metal foiling.

Line for cutting sheet metal from circle

The CENTURIO cut-to-legth line is equipped with an automatic coil magazine, which allows for fast and efficient work while minimizing operator involvement. This solution eliminates the costly downtime associated with the replacement of coils. The automatic magazine can be equipped with two independent coil manipulators, ensuring coil feeding in the process in no more than 2 minutes! The sheet metal cutting line with coil storage magazine can also be integrated with other machines or profiling lines via a docking station. The warehouse is open for further expansion.

The maximum cutting speed of 35 m/min and 24/7 operation will significantly improve the operation of the entire production plant. All materials in the warehouse are monitored on an ongoing basis and we can manage our production in a very simple and transparent way and transfer orders via a user-friendly interface in a web browser or using the advanced Bendex software.

Sheet metal cutting line – types

Polteknik’s product range includes the best sheet metal processing machines on the market. We offer our customers edge belts, guillotine shears, rolling machines, bending machines, reeling machines and much, much more. Each product is available in numerous variants, which allows all companies to choose the right solution in terms of their expectations and production processes. These solutions, such as the slitting line for sheet metal and the cross cutting line for sheet metal, will work in many plants. This type of machines available in Polteknik’s offer allow to significantly improve the company’s work, which translates into greater customer confidence and the ability to provide a better standard.

Automatic sheet metal cutting line: modern machines offered by Polteknik

A properly selected sheet metal cutting line must above all ensure smooth operation. In addition, a solid quality of workmanship is important, which avoids unexpected failures, faults and damages. However, work efficiency cannot be overlooked – the best choice will be devices equipped with automatic systems. This type of solution will ensure effective service without the participation of a large number of employees. Polteknik offers several types of automatic sheet metal cutting lines and similar equipment. With their use, you can significantly improve the functioning of the entire production process. Such equipment is practically mandatory in modern sheet metal processing plants – check out our offer to find the best products for your application.

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