Bending centers

Bending centers are machines for sheet metal processing. They significantly relieve the operator’s workload, speeding up production and increasing the efficiency of the team’s work. Properly selected bending centres allow you to automate the bending process, including many logistical tasks, such as loading sheets or picking up finished parts. We offer bending centers from one of the best machine manufacturers in the world, the German company RAS.. The devices are based on the latest technological solutions and have many advanced features that increase efficiency and improve the quality of manufactured components.

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Bending centres — characteristics

Bending centers are extremely advanced devices that are characterized by bidirectional movement of the bending beam. This allows you to perform both positive and negative bending without having to reverse the part during the bending process. Thanks to the use of the loading manipulator and the main manipulator, which is used to rotate the mould and adjust it to the tools, the process takes place automatically. The bending centres are complemented by the automatic tool change with two independent grippers, which allow you to quickly set up the machine to carry out the entire production cycle. The devices in our offer guarantee high precision machining.

Bending centers have a design that is based on welded frames that can withstand high loads and speeds and ensure rigidity and stability of operation.

Bending centres with automatic loading capability

Bending centers allow for convenient and automated operation. The cut-out form can be loaded into the machine in two ways. The first is manual feeding, with the participation of the operator. The second way is to use a loading zone, from which the sheets for processing are fed automatically, e.g. using a robot or various types of manipulators and feeders. This obviously speeds up work and does not require operator involvement when automated bending centres are in operation.

How do bending centers work?

The way of operation of devices such as bending centres is not complicated – however, it is a largely automated process, which makes the work much easier. Once placed on the loading table, the new mould is positioned, then scanned and transported by the loading manipulator to the buffer zone, where it waits for the bending of the previous part to be completed. Once the form is captured by the master manipulator, it is moved to the working area.

The servo-driven master manipulator provides a stable workpiece grip and a very high positioning accuracy (+/- 0.02 mm) and rotation accuracy (+/- 0.001 degree), which allows you to make workpieces according to the assumed dimensions.

Positive and negative bends are performed automatically, without the need to reverse the part. The bending centres are equipped with an intelligent tool changer that automatically prepares the required tool length based on the length of the bent workpiece and calculates the fastest tool change strategy. As part of the bending programme, the special UpDown tools of the bending beam are also automatically activated, depending on the needs.

Once the bending cycle has been completed, the finished part is transported back to the operator or, in the case of an extended configuration, to the other side of the machine or to return pallets equipped with a robot or unloading manipulator. After leaving the working zone through the finished workpiece, the master manipulator captures another format waiting in the buffer zone.

Bending centers run smoothly and quickly, and the bending cycle time is incomparably shorter compared to other bending methods, which will surely translate into the results of your business.

Modern bending centres – advantages

RAS bending centres are an excellent investment. Their advantages will improve the functioning of your company in many aspects. The strengths of these devices are primarily:

– High bending speed – will allow you to increase production efficiency several times, while reducing costs and saving time.
– Intuitive operation – the bending centres available in our offer are characterized by simplified operation. Why is this so important? In this way, manufacturers eliminate the problem of recruiting highly specialized workers.
– The highest quality of components – the whole process, from the production of machines to their sale, is subject to strict control, which guarantees the high quality of the equipment.
– Greater energy efficiency – RAS bending centres are servo-electric devices.
– Versatile application – bending centres, thanks to their flexibility, can be used in many manufacturing sectors.
– Innovative control system – bending centres are equipped with control systems developed in state-of-the-art research and development facilities. They are constantly being improved and updated.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the devices available in our offer. If you have any questions, please contact our team. We will answer all your questions and help you choose the right equipment for your company’s business profile.

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