Bending machines for sheet metal

Sheet metal bending machines are used to automate the production process, which relieves the operator, makes the work of the team more efficient and speeds up production. Thanks to technologically advanced equipment, every step of production, including logistics operations, can be automated. Examples may be sheet metal bending machines or bending centres.

Bending Machine (JB series)
Double Bending Machine JORNS ( JDB Series)
Metal folding machine RAS XL-CENTER
Sheet Metal Folding Machine RAS XXL-CENTER
Metal folding machine RAS GIGAbend
Metal Folding Machine RAS Seria TURBObend
Details for Bending Machines

Bending machines for sheet metal

Both small and large sheet metal parts, immediately after processing on laser cutters or punching machines, can end up on the precise bending station on the bending centers. The sheet metal bending machine can enable an automatic process – internal transport is then carried out by feeders, then loading manipulators or robots.

How does a sheet metal bending machine work?

After the sheet element is picked up by the feed grippers, the element is scanned, then passed to the automatic bending zone, where it can be bent on both sides, i.e. without the need to reverse the part. The handle of the main manipulator efficiently cooperates with the pressing beam and the bending beam in the up / down system. After finishing the processing, i.e. the work of the sheet metal bending machine, the finished part is transported to the receiving section.

Bending sheet metal – how to choose the device?

Choosing the right sheet metal bending machine depends on the size of the workpieces. You can choose from workstations designed for details with dimensions from 40 × 50 mm or adapted for the production of e.g. cable ducts, window and door frames, components for elevators, steel furniture or control heads with significantly larger dimensions. Bending and sheet metal bending machines allow for fast and efficient work with the possibility of automatically changing tools and adjusting them to the requirements of the currently implemented program.

Sheet metal bending machines – Polteknik

Polteknik offers many models of equipment whose task is to bend sheet metal. We have prepared, among others, sheet metal bending machines made in accordance with the highest production standards. All of them are proven devices that will work even under the highest requirements. If you want to buy sheet metal bending machines, please contact us. Our experts will help you choose the perfect equipment for your company’s needs, so that all work related to the processing of materials will be carried out with the greatest possible efficiency.

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