Machines for deburring and rounding edges

Professional production, cutting and other sheet metal processing tasks often require the use of a process known as deburring. It is a thorough cleaning of the surface and edges of scale residues, oxides and sharp burrs – these types of operations are necessary for the prepared product to meet the requirements of functionality and safety standards, and in addition to being ready for use. Polteknik offers a selection of the highest quality equipment with different parameters and a wide range of applications, such as deburring machines for metal sheets or pipes.

Deburring machine GP1000-ZZ
Deburring machine GP1500-ZZ
Deburring Machine GL1000-PR
Deburring Machine GL1000-PZ
Deburring Machine GL1000-PZZ
Deburring Machine GP600-ZZ

Why is deburring so important?

Steel is used wherever a light, durable, malleable and corrosion-resistant material is needed – for example in the chemical, construction, medical, shipbuilding, automotive and hydraulic industries. It is used to construct cars, tools or household appliances. Various types of machines and installations are created from it. The components used for such processes must be made in an extremely precise way. This is the purpose of deburring metal sheets, which is practically necessary in many industries.

Embossing details – functionality of modern devices

Smoothing surfaces and edges, as well as removing protruding, often very sharp burrs, is a necessary process in many cases. Elements with burrs and unevenness may not be suitable for their intended use, which is why deburring is so important. In the case of small parts, even a slight unevenness can worsen or prevent the correct functioning of the entire machine or system.

Edge deburring and safety

Burrs on the surface of the cut sheet can pose a risk to the health of users as well as to the safety of machinery, vehicles or building structures. The deburring of details is necessary for the finished product to be approved for sale. Mechanical damage caused by improperly finished sheet metal can have serious, destructive and costly consequences. Metal elements of interior design and household equipment should be subjected to particularly precise processing in order to protect users from injury. It is for this purpose that deburring is used, which is divided into several different tasks:

– deburring of edges,
– deburring of sheets and pipes,
– deburring of details.

Deburring – get an aesthetic effect

The sheet metal shredder also makes the details look professionally made. This is crucial if you want to build the image of your brand as reliable and professional. Edge deburring ensures even edges and a smooth surface. Such elements help to present well any type of products made of sheet metal.

What should the correct deburring look like?

Deburring should be a natural continuation of the processes to which the sheet metal was subjected earlier. It can take the form of scaling after plasma cutting, it can consist of rounding and grinding the edges of small parts after laser cutting, etc. The type of device and the method used should be selected strictly to the expected effect. You need the expertise and skills of a specialist who is able to select the right tool, operate the machine and ensure that the whole process runs correctly. Separate machines are distinguished, which perform such activities as deburring of sheets, edge processing or deburring of pipes and details.

For accurate and professional deburring, a suitable device is required. Modern sheet metal deburring machine allows for easy and fast processing of materials of different shape, size and type of material.

Professional deburring – how to choose a machine?

Due to the diverse needs of enterprises, when choosing a deburring machine, several basic issues should be taken into account. These are:

– use of the device,
– its working width,
– additional functions of the device
– power of work.

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