Dishing presses and flanging machines

Dishing presses and flanging machines are innovative machines for the production of pressure vessels, silos, power plants, petrochemical, aerospace and marine industries.

The Turkish manufacturer AKYAPAK, as a leader in all fields of metal processing and forming, carries out extensive and detailed testing of the winding process, which benefits from carefully developed solutions in the form of winding and rounding machines tailored to the customer’s needs.

Dishing Machine – Akyapak BMB-P
Flanging machine – Akyapak BMB

Dishing presses – equipment

BMB type machine is characterized by electrically welded structure. The sheet metal uncoiler is equipped with fully hydraulic control and proportional valves for precise adjustment during uncoiling. This facilitates training for new operators who do not have even more experience.

The automatic dishing machine is protected from misalignment and overload by a specially designed hydraulic system. An optional automatic flange unwinding in the shortest time is available, which will be particularly helpful with thin materials.

What are the dishing machines for?

Dishing machines and forming presses are devices designed to perform tasks in the field of sheet metal processing. They are used to work both cold and hot. These types of devices are available in different variants, but all of them are used to prepare the right shape. The process carried out by such a machine is called filling and consists of cutting and modeling the sheet according to the design. In this way, you can shape a variety of shapes, such as bowls, bowls, plates or chalices. The sheet metal reeling machine has been used in the industry for many years – nowadays, mainly automatic models are available on the market. This type of solution ensures cost-effective use for many years, as well as efficient and trouble-free operation that does not require constant operator involvement.

Bottom rollers – convenience and simplicity of use

The offer of our company includes demersal balers, which significantly improve the work in many different plants. Thanks to them, you can quickly make dennice or other elements from sheet metal. We offer professional work for the formation of logbooks from the brand AKYAPAK – a Turkish manufacturer appreciated in many countries around the world. Models from the Polteknik range belong to the best proposals of this type on the market, and their use allows to ensure efficient operation with minimal occurrence of failures. This translates into the possibility of trouble-free processing of sheets of various types. The loggers from our store can be expanded with a manipulator and the construction of the so-called HEAVY DUTY.

Dishing  machines offered by Polteknik

Our offer includes different models of metalworking equipment, which can be adapted to the needs and requirements of a given plant. Every sheet metal uncoiler available with us is characterized by high quality workmanship and the possibility of long work without unexpected problems. A properly selected automatic flanging machine from Polteknik’s offer can significantly support the course of production processes and increase the profitability of the company’s operations. Modern systems allow you to reduce production costs and energy consumption, as well as make more efficient use of human resources.

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