Folding machines

Folding machines are useful devices that are used in many plants and factories. Their main task is the metal forming processing of sheet metal to adapt it to a specific application. Professional folding machines allow to significantly improve the work of the company – their use does not require constant control of the operator, and many activities are performed in a completely automatic way. In addition, it is possible to remember specific instructions.

Sheet Metal Folding Machine RAS FLEXI2bend
Sheet Metal Folding Machine XLTbend
Metal Folding Machine RAS TURBO2plus
Folding Machine MEGAbend

What are bending and edging machines used for?

A folding machine, also called a bending machine, is used for bending sheets at the edges. Such devices can be used in the processing of various types of sheet metal, enabling precise modeling according to the given instructions. The machining does not cause an increased risk of material damage – the whole process is carried out with maximum precision and efficiency. Importantly, edge bending machines are characterized by high pressure force, so they can provide the required performance on many materials.

Automatic Folding machines

The devices available in our offer work largely automatically. The use of NC and CNC systems allows bending machines to perform many tasks without the intervention of production control personnel. All you have to do is set them so that you can prepare the material properly – the individual components of the machine work closely together to ensure high productivity. The operation of the equipment depends not only on strong parts to be crushed, such as bending beams, but also on automatic feeders, which affect the speed and accuracy of the operations performed. Some of the folding machines in the Polteknik range can be individually adapted to the requirements of a specific plant, and some of them also support the exchange of segment tools.

Polteknik – wide range of folding machines

If you need equipment such as folding machines, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. Individual models differ, among other things, in size and mode of operation, which allows you to optimally select specific equipment in terms of the requirements of the company. All of them come from proven, reputable and trusted manufacturers, so you can be sure of reliable work and high quality workmanship. We also encourage you to contact Polteknik experts, who will suggest which bending machine is best suited for a specific task. This makes it easy to find equipment that will ensure efficient and efficient work for many years to come.

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