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Zgrzewarka liniowa TORMEC DT-S1
Zgrzewarka liniowa TORMEC DT-S1
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Longitudinal welding machine TORMEC DT-S1

It is a semi-automatic device for longitudinal welding of elbow segments and pipes made of ordinary, galvanized or stainless steel. The welding electrode is a copper ring.
The machine features a compact frame design, with little space required for installation. It is equipped with a guide that maintains a constant overlap size of 6 mm along with a pneumatic material clamp, rollers along with a welding head. The welding cycle is automatic, i.e. the segment is pressed from the end of the inner welding arm to the beginning (tubes or segments must be held manually by the operator).


Diameter range:
(depending on the thickness of the sheet metal and the length of the workpiece)

Min/Max. welding length range:
20 -:- 1000 mm* (depending on the sheet thickness of the workpiece diameter)

6 mm

Range of welded sheet thickness:
0,4 -:- 1,0 mm

Types of material to be welded:
plain or galvanized steel and stainless steel

Welding speed:
3 -:- 12 m/min


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