Machines for cutting metal and sheet metal

Correct and efficient cutting of metals, sheets, steel or pipes is extremely important in many plants. For this reason, we have prepared an offer where you can find devices that facilitate these processes. Polteknik offers professional metal cutting machines that will work well in many areas of industry. With their use, many processes can be improved, which translates into greater production efficiency. We invite you to check proposals such as guillotine shears, servomotor punching machines or thermal cutting equipment.

Hydraulic Swing-beam Shears HGL (up to 8mm) NC
Hydraulic Variable-Rake Guillotines Baykal HNC (up to 40mm) CNC
Hydraulic Swing-Beam Shears Baykal MGH (up to 20mm) NC
Swing beam shears RAS POWERcut2 (up to 6,3mm) CNC
Swing Beam Shears RAS PRIMEcut & SMARTcut (up to 3mm) NC
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 2044 TC
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 2048 TE
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 2048 TS
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 3048 TG / M 3058 TG
Automated Coil Handling and Slitting System CENTURIO
Automatic Slitting and Cut to length machine OPTIMA
Cut-to-length line up to 4 mm thickness

Metal cutting machines in Polteknik

Our sheet metal and metal cutting machines are products from global manufacturers that will work in both smaller and larger plants. These include servo-motor punching machines, the operation of which allows for very precise execution of various shapes. As a result, metal cutting machines driven by servo motors are well recognized on the market. In addition, you can count on optimal energy consumption, which directly translates into lower production costs. Our offer includes mainly Murata Machinery (Muratec) punching machines – a Japanese company known for accuracy, reliability and long service life of the proposed solutions. Metal cutting machines from this manufacturer provide exceptional precision, strength and high power, and at the same time the ability to program individual processes.

Sheet metal cutting machines

Polteknik’s machines for cutting steel and sheet metal are a great choice for many companies involved in the production of metal components. We offer, among others, high quality guillotine shears. This type of sheet metal cutting machines are adapted to cut sheets in a certain, precise way. High accuracy makes them very useful in many areas. Steel cutting machines are available in electromechanical and hydraulic versions – in both cases you can count on a high standard of workmanship and professional support from Polteknik’s service team. The products we offer come from well-known manufacturers such as Baykal or RAS – companies that are trusted by production plants all over the world for good reason.

Pipe cutting machine – offers available in our offer

Another element of our offer are equipment for pipe processing. A machine for cutting steel pipes, for example, can operate by laser – a solution that will significantly speed up the production process and increase its accuracy. We provide access to many professional models that will work even for the most demanding tasks. The laser cutter offered by Polteknik for cutting pipes and profiles has a unique system of two-sided material clamping during cutting, which significantly stabilizes the detail and improves the precision and quality of cutting. These are recommended solutions especially for companies that want to effectively take care of production efficiency and improve efficiency. Polteknik products are characterized by high durability and ease of use, which makes them suitable for many companies. A properly selected steel pipe cutting machine allows you to efficiently create precise cuts of the desired shape.

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