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Metal Folding Machine RAS TURBO2plus

Metal Folding Machine RAS TURBO2plus – Machines for forming sheet metal Polteknik.
Maximum bending length: 4060/3200/2540mm
Maximum material thickness: 1.5/2.0/2.5mm
It is a modern bending machine with easy-to-use CNC control. The machine construction is welded and screwed to ensure greater rigidity and stable operation. The bending beam works at high speed, which makes the machine one of the fastest machines on the market. With the option Sectioned tools you can realize the function of the press brake, i.e. bending from four sides.

Standard configuration:

  • CNC adjustment of the bending beam position depending on thickness up to 5.5 mm
  • CNC adjustment of the upper beam with a range of 0-200 mm
  • CNC adjustment of the rear bumper in the range of 6-1550 mm
  • fast operation of the bending beam up to 80°/sec.
  • Possibility of using a tool for calibrating the bending beam
  • Optimizer of working speed
  • Lower beam equipped with space to hide backgauge fingers 
  • user-friendly and easy-to-use CNC control system with touch screen
  • USB interface
  • Validated 3D software from Bendex with the ability to import image files


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