Bending machine for pipes and profiles

Bending machines for pipes and profiles are devices used for bending elements made of black steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or other metals. They have very wide applications. They are also characterized by varying degrees of technical advancement: from manual devices to digitally controlled machines. Three-roller and mandrel bending machines are recommended for bending pipes and profiles. Depending on the tools used, the bending machines are also able to bend oval, square, rectangular pipes as well as flat bars and wire rods.

Pipe bending machine Akyapak ABM 38, 50, 76 CNC
Pipe bending machine Akyapak ABM 76 NC
Angel Rolls Akyapak APK 101, 121
Angle Rolls Akyapak APK 180, 240, 280, 300, 360, 550
Angle Rolls Akyapak Seria APK 30, 35, 45
Angle Rolls Akyapak APK 40, 50, 61, 81

Bending machines for pipes and profiles in Polteknik’s offer

Three-roller benders are used for bending pipes, bars and profiles between three rollers. Side rollers have the ability to move up and down hydraulically, can work independently of each other, allowing both edges of the material to bend. Pressing one of the rollers causes an arc of a certain radius to bend. Three-roller tube benders allow to obtain elements with a very complicated bending line.

Bending machines for pipe and mandrel profiles are equipped with a mandrel dedicated to a specific pipe diameter, with the help of which bending is performed. These devices allow to obtain bending with small radii and complex curvature even from thin-walled material without deformation of the cross-section and without flattening the arcs. Modern pipe bending machines are numerically controlled (NC) or computer controlled (CNC). This facilitates the bending process, increases its precision and allows you to remember once-made shapes and repeat them in series production. Automatic feeders and multi-level tools increase the bending speed of pipes and profiles.

Why choose Akyapak pipe and profile bending machines

The profile bending machines offered by our shop are characterized by high durability, low power consumption and high force, which is combined with exceptional performance. You can buy from us, among others, mandrel tube benders, which will be great for serial production. Polteknik offers different models of this type of bending machines. All profile bending machines and other machines of this type come from proven, trusted partners such as the Turkish company Akyapak. We make sure that the equipment we offer our customers is of the highest quality – with our product range, you can be sure that the pipe and profile bender will be perfect for its job. A wide range of different types of equipment makes it easy to select the right model for your application.

Angle Rolls with professional support

Angle Rolls which are offered by Polteknik, are high-quality machines that are characterized by a long service life. Within our assortment you can find both pipe benders and mandrel profiles as well as three-rollers. All models from our offer will be perfect for production halls and various types of plants.

However, the extensive offer itself is not the only benefit for Polteknik customers. We also provide the ability to customize individual solutions for specific needs. For selected models we can install additional equipment such as NC or CNC control. Also available are different roller speeds, roller sets for profiles, position displays for hydraulic guide rollers or specially developed winding systems. We guarantee excellent quality, efficient delivery and full support at every stage.

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