Pipe bending machine

Mandrel Pipe bending machines are devices characterized by high quality of workmanship and precision of work. They can be used to bend rods, profiles and pipes made of different materials in any chosen way. This type of equipment can easily cope with black and stainless steel, brass, aluminum and many other metals. Our store offers professional bending machines that ensure long and efficient operation without unexpected problems.

Pipe bending machine Akyapak ABM 38, 50, 76 CNC
Pipe bending machine Akyapak ABM 76 NC

What are mandrel  benders for?

The basic element with which the benders are equipped is the mandrel, which can be adjusted to the diameter of the pipe. It is used to make specific bends – it is this part that has the greatest impact on the precision of work. The mandrel tube bender allows you to obtain bending with a complex curvature and a small radius, even for objects with very thin walls. Importantly, this process, made with the right equipment, does not expose pipes, profiles or bars to damage or deformation. This type of equipment can be used in a variety of metalworking plants and factories.

How do mandrel pipe benders work?

The mandrel benders available at Polteknik work largely automatically. Individual devices can be controlled by computer (CNC) or numerically (NC). Support for such methods of operation allows you to determine the exact parameters, which is associated with the possibility of precise execution of a given activity without the need to constantly control the process or hire additional people. It is also possible to remember the shapes made – thanks to this, the individual series of products will be characterized by identical dimensions. What’s more, the machine can be equipped with automatic feeders and multi-level tools that increase the working speed.

Mandrel bending machines available in Polteknik offer

On our website you can find several models of mandrel bending machines. All of them come from proven manufacturers who are recognized on the Polish and global market. Each of the products is presented with a detailed description along with the most important parameters, which helps to make the right decision. Choosing a mandrel bender for you, you can contact our specialists who will help you choose the best model. However, we can assure you that every mandrel tube bender available in Polteknik’s offer will perfectly cope with any task related to metal bending.

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