Rolling machines for sheet metal

In this category in our shop we would like to present modern rolling machines of Turkish company Akyapak for flat plates. Sheet metal rolling machine is a device designed for rolling such details as ellipses, pipes, cones or rounded elements.

3-roll hydraulic plate bending machines Akyapak AHK
Variable Geometry Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine Akyapak AHV
4-Roll hydraulic plate bending machine Akyapak AHS
3-roll Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Akyapak AS
3-roll Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Akyapak ASM
3-roll Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Akyapak ASM-S

Sheet metal rolling machine – hydraulic or mechanical?

The AKYAPAK offer available in our store is:

– Electromechanical three-roller machines, which are excellent for thin materials and very small diameters;
– we will also find larger machines – hydraulic 3- and 4-roller winders, with extremely high load resistance, which will cope with rolling much thicker materials. Their difference lies primarily in the number of rolls used for their production.

What distinguishes them is also the drive used in devices:

The central rollers of hydraulic rolling mills are driven by shifting, and the lateral movement takes place in an arc. Rollers for sheet metal of this type are driven hydraulically, without human intervention. It is possible to remove the top roll using its lifting mechanism, while smooth or two-stage setting of the rotational speed as well as calibrating the rolled part affects the quality of the whole process.

In the case of mechanical equipment, we are talking about the transmission and the electric motor. The top roll, which is used by such a sheet metal rolling machine, is pulled out manually from the side, which makes it easier to pull out the finished part.

The technologies of the devices also differ from each other in the range of the length of the coiling of the material thickness and its thickness. Hydraulic sheet rollers can handle material from 2 mm to more than 130 mm thick, mechanical rollers are used for much thinner materials from 1 mm to a maximum of 8 mm thick.

Sheet metal rolling machine – why is it worth it?

Modern sheet metal coils allow to obtain oval shapes. Thanks to this, they will work in most industries. They can be used in automotive, sanitary, food, fuel, shipbuilding and many others.

What’s more, the devices allow you to bend sheets of different thickness, which makes them suitable for any plant. The innovative sheet metal rollers are equipped with a pre-bending system that minimizes production waste. In addition, the use of multiple systems makes processes faster and more automated. This translates into company profits and no need to search for highly specialized employees. The devices can also be equipped with hydraulic supports, which will affect the obtaining of the highest quality products, at the same time reducing the operating costs of the device.

Akyapak – sheet metal rollers in our offer

Akyapak is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal rolling mills. The Turkish company enjoys great recognition not only on the Polish market (more than 250 references), but also all over the world. Both mechanical and hydraulic devices are popular. Rolling machines are the optimal solution for companies that value the highest quality of the rolling process, while focusing on low operating costs.

We encourage you to contact us. Our specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the sheet metal rolling machines that will match the production profile of your company.

Polteknik rollers

The sheet metal rollers we offer are characterized by high precision and extraordinary power, which directly affects the comfort of work during production processes. They can speed up the operation of the entire plant line and further reduce the cost of this type of operation. A properly selected sheet metal rolling machine is therefore a profitable investment that can provide profits for a long time.

We have made sure that every customer can buy exactly what they need in the Polteknik store. That is why we offer different types of sheet metal rollers from reputable manufacturers who are trusted by consumers all over the world. Using the Akyapak offer, we know that we provide our customers with only proven models that will help them in their work and provide full comfort of use. Therefore, every sheet metal rolling machine in our offer can be used for many years, all the time significantly affecting the efficiency and precision of individual processes.

Rollers for sheet metal – what can we offer?

Various types of rollers for sheet metal are available on the market. Why is it worth to bet on Polteknik? Above all, it is a perfect adaptation of the offer to the needs of the production plants – every sheet metal rolling machine in our range is characterized by low power consumption and at the same time efficient, reliable and precise operation. We make sure that all models provide access to the latest technologies that translate into efficiency. Feel free to contact us – in addition to support in choosing a device, we also provide services related to configuration. Our distinguishing feature is also the service, which is always there to help. In case of any problems with the machines purchased from us, qualified specialists of Polteknik will efficiently repair any defects, so that the rollers for sheet metal can work with full efficiency for a long time.

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