Metal polishing and grinding machines

Small and medium-sized production plants, especially those taking their first steps on the market, usually carry out grinding and polishing operations using hand-held angle grinders. However, it is worth to bet on professional, automatic metal polishing machines. Thanks to the use of automatic deburring, grinding and polishing equipment, some or all of the personnel required to operate manual equipment can be assigned to non-automated tasks or assigned to new ones. Choosing modern equipment from Autopulit allows you to improve productivity in the plant and makes it easier to manage human resources.

Autopulit deburring/polishing machines
Autopulit shaft and tube grinding/polishing machines
Machines for grinding/polishing tanks and bottoms Autopulit
Polishing machines for sheets, profiles and flat parts Autopulit
Autopulit robotized grinding/polishing stations

Innovative metal polishing machines from Autopulit

Autopulit metal polishing machines can be controlled and programmed numerically or fully CNC controlled. They are suitable for deburring, grinding and polishing virtually any type of elements. Depending on your needs, you can choose an automatic machine for grinding flat elements, sheets, profiles, pipes, bottom plates, 3D objects, and even spatial elements and other complex details. Metal polishing machines allow to use a variety of grinding and polishing heads and adapt them to the nature of the tasks performed.

What components does a metal grinding machine consist of?

The machine for grinding metal, flat parts and profiles can be equipped with six heads with interchangeable belts. The part is driven by progressive and rotational motion (for pipes and shafts) or by transmission belts (for flat elements). Metal polishing machines designed for more complex tasks use single or double heads numerically controlled in two, three or even four axes/degrees of freedom. Fully robotic stations are equipped with a programmer with joystick to guide and correct trajectory. They are always individually designed for the needs of the customer and can be enriched with additional accessories, thanks to which the metal polishing machines will work even more efficiently. These include, for example, a loading and unloading warehouse, insulated enclosures with ventilation system, exchangeable tools or grippers. If you have any doubts, we encourage you to contact us.

Metal polishing machines and work efficiency

Importantly, investing in metal polishing machines can significantly improve the efficiency of your plant’s processes. With their use, you can streamline all tasks, as well as introduce automation. The purchase of a metal polishing machine allows you to dispense with traditional grinders and other solutions that have to be operated by employees. The modern metal grinder works on its own – all you have to do is set the right settings. The feeding of the material, as well as the preparation and dispensing of the sheets, is done automatically. Thanks to this, these types of devices allow to increase work efficiency, as well as entrusting employees with more responsible tasks.

Metal polishing machines — types of equipment

The metal polishing machines available on the market are offered in numerous variants, so that everyone can choose the right equipment for their needs. You only need to carefully check the specification and application of a given model to purchase the right device. Our offer includes metal polishing machines for spatial elements, for rollers and pipes, for sheets, profiles and flat parts, as well as for tanks and bottom boxes. Each of these devices has a slightly different design and way of working. When choosing the best solution for a given plant, you should pay attention first and foremost to the intended application of the device.

Metal grinding machine: high quality and efficiency with Polteknik’s proposals

Polteknik offers several groups of machines for polishing and grinding metal. As a result, every client can choose the right solution for the unique situation of a given company. What is important, we always care about the best quality of our products. Our proposals come only from official manufacturers who are able to guarantee an appropriate standard of performance. Each metal grinding and polishing machine is presented with a detailed description and the most important parameters.

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