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RAS MiniBendCenter

RAS minibendcenter – Machines for forming sheet metal Polteknik.
The MiniBendCenter series is designed for the automatic bending of small, high-precision workpieces. The maximum dimensions are 600×600 mm.

The sheets are automatically removed, positioned and measured. The role of the feeding system is taken over by an intelligent robot and a workpiece scanner. During the bending process, the workpiece is fed and rotated by a manipulator which, after bending, resets it to the line of the finished parts.

The bending beam allows up and down bending without turning the sheet.
The MiniBendCenter is a revolutionary solution for manufacturing small workpieces that require positive and negative bending in a fully automated process.

With the MiniBendCenter you can speed up the bending processes and reduce the production costs of the workpiece.


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