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Robotyzacja zaginarek automatycznych
Robotyzacja zaginarek automatycznych
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Robotization of automatic bending machines

An innovative solution based on the automation of production processes ensuring repeatability while minimizing work that is dangerous for machine operators.

The robotic station with the bending machine is based on automatic bending provided by the Jorns bending machine itself with double-sided bending of the JDB type (up / down bending) and with the help of an extendable loading / receiving table with which the robot works by feeding the metal sheets, turning the sheet and finally collecting ready detail for the receiving station. The entire process can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer, including planning the loading and collection of the detail.
The Jorns bending machine can also work with automatic Krasser sheet metal cutting lines by reading the barcode program. In addition to robotization, Jorns also offers automation of the bending process using the JHS system consisting of a gantry with grippers of loading and unloading stations.


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