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Urządzenie do cięcia pop i wzdł OPTIMA
Urządzenie do cięcia pop i wzdł OPTIMA2
Urządzenie do cięcia pop i wzdł OPTIMA3
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Sheet metal-slitting and cutting machine

OPTIMA is an automatic, integrated machine for straightening, slitting and cross-cutting strips or sheets. The machine can perform a list of tasks, with a fixed (selected) order in an automatic cycle.

A number of offered options like automatic straightening machine, rotary shears, optimization software, allow this device to create an intelligent and efficient production tool.
The parameters of the slitting and cross-cutting process and the material, such as the gap between the blades, the depth of the knives, and the straightener settings for different materials, can be retained and used for subsequent jobs.

The machine is controlled via a 10.1″ HMI with friendly software. With the new “OPTIMIZER” software, a number of tasks can be optimally combined to reduce waste to a minimum. Tasks can also be imported in EXCEL format and linked to the folding machine.
OPTIMA 1250 SC is a simple but effective machine, appreciated by customers around the world , which is confirmed by more than 200 machines procuring trouble-free at satisfied customers.

KRASSER OPTIMA – automatic operation – practical machine:

  • easy to use
  • robust
  • simple construction
  • reliable and efficient
  • ideally configured software and hardware
  • intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • useful machine control functions
  • lowest priced slitting machine on the market with automatic knife adjustment
  • high quality
  • fully automatic slitting knife positioning (ergonomic, fast, reliable)
  • many options to choose from (partial cross cut, film application, labeling, etc.)
  • electronic order management possible 


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