Servo motor punching machines

Punching presses driven by servo motors are an innovative technology that saves energy consumption and thus reduces production costs. Sheet metal punching machines equipped with a servo motor use a special type of motor, which allows to control the exact position of the shaft and adjust its acceleration and rotational speed. The CNC sheet metal punching machine has many advantages. The advantages of using this technology include high power, programmability, exceptional precision, power and drive efficiency.

Turret Punch Press Muratec M 2044 TC
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 2048 TE
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 2048 TS
Turret Punch Press Muratec M 3048 TG / M 3058 TG

Servo-motor sheet metal punching machines – properties

The direct benefit of the innovative drive of servo-motor punching machines is their speed and new possibilities resulting from the programming of the tool stroke and even the die. Such a sheet metal punching machine allows the use of multi-function tools, i.e. in one stroke we can perform more than one operation (cutting, bending, stamping, etc.). Thanks to the solution used in this type of punching presses, they are faster and more efficient than hydraulically driven punching machines.

Punching machines with a rich set of functions

Today’s servo-motor punching machines also offer such operations as drilling or tapping. This innovative technology also guarantees user-friendly operation of the equipment, i.e. increases the safety of the operator using it. Facing the increasingly higher safety standards to be provided at the workplace, servo-motor sheet metal punching machines will be a reasonable choice. It is also worth paying attention to the convenience of working with the device. For example, the Muratec M series 2048 TS is equipped with 44 stations and 55 tools. Of course, it is possible to retrofit such a punching machine with a 4- or 8-tool thread head, an active die enabling multi-processing operations, an automatic loading and unloading warehouse with waste selection. This makes it easier to obtain even complex parts in a much shorter time, allows for better organization of work and minimizes the risk of human error.

Sheet metal punching machines – professional support from Polteknik

We make sure that our offer meets the expectations of all customers – that is why we check punching machines only from the best manufacturers. All equipment offered by Polteknik, including every CNC sheet metal punching machine, are characterized by high quality of workmanship, precision of operation and low failure rate. Thanks to this, manufacturing companies can count on comfortable, efficient and trouble-free work. What’s more, individual punching machines can be tailored to the needs of customers – just contact us and we will select the right equipment for the requirements of a given plant. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our proposals – individual sheet metal punching machines differ in parameters, so they will work in different situations.

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