Machines for the production of ventilation ducts

The production of ventilation ducts requires the use of equipment allowing for large-scale processing. Attention should also be paid to the intended use of the machine.  The right choice of equipment is essential – the production of circular ventilation becomes much simpler, for example, with the use of electromechanical troughs from the German company RAS. Before buying, it is worth making sure about the thickness of the sheet, which can be safely shaped with the device.

Swanging Machines RAS
Seam closing machine RAS
SpeedySeamer RAS
Rounding machine RAS VENTIrounder
Flanging Machine RAS

Manufacturer of ventilation ducts – necessary equipment

Modern machines for making elbows of circular ventilation ducts save time and money, as they allow you to perform two operations at the same time: preparing the edge and closing the lock. This solution will positively affect the organization and ergonomics of work.  However, it is important to remember that the production of ventilation ducts also requires a pipe closer, a line welding machine, a fitting coiler and a straight pipe coiler. In the field of production of rectangular channels are available felting machines, rollers for fixtures, channel closers and edge wrappers.

Manufacture of ventilation ducts

Ventilation ducting machines are used to prepare key elements involved in the process of air exchange in rooms and buildings. Thanks to this type of devices, you can prepare an installation that will allow for free removal of contaminants and collection of clean air. Every manufacturer of ventilation ducts should use properly selected machines that will streamline the whole process. The solutions offered by Polteknik make ventilation production not only fast, but also completely safe.

Machines for ventilation ducts – Polteknik offer

Polteknik’s product range includes several different models of machines for making ventilation ducts. It is worth noting that all of them come only from proven, trusted brands that are recognized on the global market. This means that any manufacturer of ventilation ducts can purchase the right equipment with us.

To choose the best solution for your application, please refer to the detailed descriptions available on the Polteknik website. With properly selected equipment, the production of ventilation ducts runs smoothly, comfortably and without the risk of unexpected failures. We also help you choose the right model for your company’s unique needs, ensuring maximum performance in every situation. We have been operating on the market for many years, thanks to which we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

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