Wire bending machines

The CNC wire bending machine with the possibility of forming in the automatic cycle of the material in 3D is used in various branches of the catering industry, furniture industry, automotive industry and many, many others.

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3D wire bender – what is the work of such a device?

The production process uses a wire bending machine, which combines precision and repeatability of individual elements with high efficiency. 3D bending machines are suitable for shaping complex spatial elements. A professional stirrup and wire bending machine can bend wires or tubes at different angles or planes, as well as perform forming processing operations. These include forging, perforating, deforming and even welding. For welding, different techniques are used from inductive material bonding up to and including laser welding. Such capabilities make the wire bending machine act as a production line consisting of a decoiler and a multi-function machine with different stations, which carries out the whole operation team.

CNC wire bending machine – advantages of automation

CNC control of bending machines allows you to prepare bending simulations and make possible adjustments at every stage of production. The wire bender allows the material to be moved automatically by the feeder driven by the servo motor – this solution is optimized and easy to program. A great advantage in many cases is that there is no need to change the tools or a definite reduction in the number of them. The relatively low cost of tools used in 3D bending machines is also significant.

CNC wire bending machine is characterized by special motor and operation automation. CNC control is usually implemented on the Windows platform, which means the possibility not only of very intuitive programming, but also of remote service access in case of problems. With tools such as TeamViewer, you can remotely check the program entered by the customer, improve its operation, as well as check the technical status of the machine. 

What to do if high performance wire products with varying degrees of complexity are needed? The answer is electromechanical machines with additional stations.

Efficient machines for wire, tape and pipe bending – which machines can be used?

The first solution is an electromechanical machine with a main shaft driven by a motor powered by an inverter, i.e. with stepless speed regulation. It can be a rebar bender. On the shaft are mounted cams with adjustable mounting angle, driving the sliders, which in turn activate the tools carrying out individual operations. The material is fed by a programmable roller feeder, with precise control of the length of the material being fed. Due to the simultaneous execution of several operations at the same time, these machines are characterized by very high efficiency.

CNC wire bending machine – possibilities

For standard electromechanical equipment, a certain inconvenience may be the long, complicated set-up time of individual tools. The process takes up to a few hours. The solution is a CNC wire bending machine, e.g. the new BULL-BENDING series. For them, the role of the main drive shaft, cams and sliders is taken over by programmable servomotors, which define the activation and deactivation time, stroke and speed. The material is fed by a double encoder roller feeder to ensure absolute precision of material feeding. Special software analyzing the shape of the workpiece makes it easy to program the parameters of individual workstations. The final component, i.e. the tools, are the same as in typical electromechanical machines, but the basic time needed to set up individual workstations and prepare the machine for continuous operation is radically shorter and is about 20% of the time needed for electromechanical machines. This is a huge step towards increasing the effective working time of such machines. This allows the bar bending machine to work even better.

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