Hydraulic sheet metal rolling machines 4 rollers

Our offer includes rolling machines for different types of sheet metal. Different types of this type of machines are effective solutions for wrapping metals of different types and thicknesses. Each 4-roller hydraulic rolling machine from the Polteknik range is characterized by high quality of workmanship, precision of operation and full comfort of operation – we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offered products

4-Roll hydraulic plate bending machine Akyapak AHS

Hydraulic 4-roller rolling machine – application

Roller plate coiler 4 is a device whose task is to roll sheets in a certain way. This type of device is most often used to create conical, cylindrical, oval and elliptical details, i.e. elements with the shape of rotating solids. The 4-roller hydraulic rolling mill is used in many industries, for example in the production of cars or ship parts. In addition, such machines can be used in the construction of bridges, pipes and various types of tanks.

Akyapak AHS 4-roller hydraulic rolling machine – why buy it?

Our leading product in the sheet metal rolling mill category is Akyapak hydraulic 4-roller model of the AHS series. It is a machine with many advantages, thanks to which it will work great in different applications. Among the most important benefits of using this winder is a very large range of winding and material thickness. The machine handles sheets with a thickness of up to 165 mm, which significantly affects the possibilities of realizing projects. Moreover, the product has received the CE marking, which is a confirmation of the quality of workmanship and compliance with demanding standards.

The winding machine is equipped with hydraulic and electrical installation, safety cable, two-stage speed adjustment, cone realization kit and ergonomic control panel. Central, hydraulically driven rollers with planetary gear are responsible for processing, which are protected against overload by special protective systems. Akyapak’s 4-roller hydraulic rolling mill is a great solution for all companies that need solutions for machining cylindrical, circular and more.

4-roll sheet metal coiler – additional offers at Polteknik

In addition to the basic version of the 4-roller sheet coiler, we can also offer models tailored to the needs of a specific plant. Our offer includes the possibility to add a replaceable top roller, feed table, control (NC or graphic NC), oil cooling system or side support for large sheets. Thanks to this, the 4-roller sheet metal coiler will fully meet the requirements of the company or production hall. We invite you to contact us – we will prepare a model created for the needs of a given order.

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