Hydraulic guillotine shears

We offer a range of plastic processing equipment, such as hydraulic guillotine shears, which will work in many plants. Our solutions come only from proven, trusted manufacturers who enjoy a reputation on the market and the trust of customers. What’s more, every hydraulic guillotine in Polteknik’s range has undergone a number of tests – thanks to this, they are safe and durable products that perfectly meet the requirements of companies.

Hydraulic Swing-beam Shears HGL (up to 8mm) NC
Hydraulic Variable-Rake Guillotines Baykal HNC (up to 40mm) CNC
Hydraulic Swing-Beam Shears Baykal MGH (up to 20mm) NC
Swing beam shears RAS POWERcut2 (up to 6,3mm) CNC

What characterizes the hydraulic guillotine for sheet metal?

The hydraulic guillotine for sheet metal cutting is a kind of hydraulic drive machine that works on the principle of applying pressure to the liquid tank. It is a method that ensures reliable, trouble-free work for a long time. What is more, the hydraulic guillotine shears present in our offer are characterized by sensational quality and very large force transmitted to the knives. Thanks to this, they can efficiently cut sheet metal with a thickness of up to 40 mm. It is also worth noting the digitally controlled slot adjustment, which can be easily adapted to the needs of a particular process. The whole thing requires only an efficient operator who enters certain thicknesses and lengths of the material to be machined by the hydraulic guillotine into the sheet metal.

Hydraulic guillotine from Polteknik, i.e. professionalism and quality of workmanship

Hydraulic guillotine shears available in our offer come from proven, reputable brands. You can buy metal forming machines from RAS and Baykal – manufacturers who enjoy excellent reviews on the market. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the selected hydraulic guillotine will effectively perform its task. The individual models are constantly adapted to the latest technologies and solutions, such as the anti-twist system to prevent materials from twisting. Its action is based on pressing the sheet with the help of special actuators both from the top and from the bottom. Such technologies directly affect the comfort and speed of work in the production hall.

Hydraulic guillotine for sheet metal cutting – the best models on the market

Available in Polteknik offer hydraulic shears are made of the best materials and using the most advanced production methods. The models of Baykal and other manufacturers in our range are also characterized by the presence of overload protection and additional functions such as plate clamping, support for different operating modes or special protection of the operator’s fingers. All this makes the use of the hydraulic guillotine efficient, precise, fast and safe.

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