Metal Threading and Drilling Machines

If you want to buy proven, durable and modern machines for various industrial processes, it is worth familiarizing yourself with our assortment – you can buy, among others, drilling centers or punching lines for angles. We provide access to world-class products from proven manufacturers. The threading machines offered in the Polteknik store are mainly models from brands such as Akyapak, which are known for their high quality and durability.

Drilling, marking, cutting line ADM
Plate drilling machine AFD
Drilling center for large-size sheets APD
Angle Punching Shearing- Marking Line AKD
Gantry Drilling Oxy-Fuel/Plasma Cutting Machine APLG

Threading Machines

Threading is one of the most commonly used methods of metal processing. Threading machines are largely responsible for their production – these are devices that must operate reliably and efficiently in order to be able to provide suitable conditions in production plants. The use of the right equipment has a significant impact on the efficiency of processes as well as on their costs. Threading machines can significantly improve work, so that individual components can be made much faster than manual methods, while maintaining complete accuracy.

Threading machines available in our offer are solid products that will work well in many plants. Their main advantages for reliable operation, high processing power, high precision and sensational durability, which results from excellent workmanship. It is worth focusing on products with reinforced construction, thanks to which it will be possible to make precise threading series even in extremely demanding materials.

Why choose Polteknik?

Our offer is distinguished not only by the opportunity to purchase the best threading machines on the market. We also provide a specialized service to support you in various difficult situations. In case of any breakdown, just write to us and we will help you solve the problem. In addition, we provide assistance during the first start-up and configuration of your tapping and drilling machines, so you can be sure that everything runs smoothly and without any problems.

Drilling centers for sheet metal processing

Threading machines available in our offer are only some of the products in this category that we can offer our customers. At Polteknik you can also purchase drilling centers that are very popular in many production plants.

The drilling center is a machine for plasticizing various types of sheet metal. All such devices are characterized by the presence of a rigid, steel welding structure. The machine has a feeding and receiving table, as well as a CNC control and a manipulator for feeding the material. This is particularly important for large and heavy components.

On request, we can offer drilling centers adapted to the requirements of a given plant or process. Loading and unloading systems, part marking devices and belt cutters can be added to individual solutions. Just contact us before buying – we will offer an individually tailored drilling center that will be perfect for a particular company. This is the best way to maximise the efficiency of your processes and ensure precision. A properly selected machine allows you to reduce costs and at the same time increase profits from optimizing production.


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