Bending and profiling machines

Polteknik’s offer includes a number of industrial equipment for different applications, including bending and profiling machines. With their use, you can significantly increase production efficiency while reducing costs. Our product range includes press brakes, wire benders, pipes and profiles bending machines, as well as bending centres. We rely only on reputable manufacturers who are able to provide high quality.

Hydraulic press brake – APHS Baykal
Hybrid Press Brake – APHS-H Baykal
Hydraulic Press Brake – APHS-C
Servoelectric Press Brake –  WPS Weinbrenner
Servoelectric Press Brake – WPB Weinbrenner
Press Brake – GP Weinbrenner
Bending Machine (JB series)
Double Bending Machine JORNS ( JDB Series)
Metal folding machine RAS XL-CENTER
Sheet Metal Folding Machine RAS XXL-CENTER
Metal folding machine RAS GIGAbend
Metal Folding Machine RAS Seria TURBObend
Details for Bending Machines
RAS UpDownCenter-2
RAS Multibend-Center ECO
RAS Multibend-Center
RAS ProfileCenter
RAS MiniBendCenter
Details for Bending Centers
Sheet Metal Folding Machine RAS FLEXI2bend
Sheet Metal Folding Machine XLTbend
Metal Folding Machine RAS TURBO2plus
Folding Machine MEGAbend
Pipe bending machine Akyapak ABM 38, 50, 76 CNC
Pipe bending machine Akyapak ABM 76 NC
Angel Rolls Akyapak APK 101, 121
Angle Rolls Akyapak APK 180, 240, 280, 300, 360, 550
Angle Rolls Akyapak Seria APK 30, 35, 45
Angle Rolls Akyapak APK 40, 50, 61, 81
Wire bending machine CNC 3D CEB
Machines for bending and welding wire circuits
Multifunctional machines for strip, wire and tube processing
Multifunctional BULL BENDING machines for strip, wire and tube processing
Dishing Machine – Akyapak BMB-P
Flanging machine – Akyapak BMB

Sheet metal profiling machines

Every sheet and pipe profiling machine available on our website is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and efficient operation under any conditions. We take care to offer our customers only machines using the latest technological solutions available on the market. As a result, every sheet metal forming machine purchased from Polteknik ensures full performance and precise operation regardless of external factors. In addition, all our sheet metal forming machines can operate as part of automation systems, which will have an even greater impact on the efficiency of your plant.

Sheet and pipe profiling machine – why should you bet on Polteknik?

Our offer includes not only solid machines from the most trusted manufacturers available on the market. In addition to the supply of equipment, we also provide assistance in configuring the solutions for the requirements of a given company, as well as reliable technical support from specialized staff of our service. When you buy sheet metal forming machines from our company, you can therefore receive both high-quality equipment and full service, which will always provide help in case of problematic situations. When building Polteknik’s offer, we always choose only products from proven, trusted companies that enjoy a reputation on the market. These are global manufacturers with headquarters in Turkey, Japan and Europe. The Turkish brand Akyapak, which exports its solutions from more than 100 countries around the world, is very popular.

Sheet Metal Forming Machine

Polteknik’s offer includes useful, functional devices that will effectively help in the proper and efficient profiling of sheets and pipes. Importantly, with their use, the work can be even several times faster. It is worth focusing, for example, on bending machines and bending centres – we provide access to technologically advanced equipment that will work with both small and large materials.

How to choose the right device? The most important in this respect is the characteristics of the work of the plant, and in particular the size of the workpieces. Our sheet metal forming machines can prove themselves even when creating workpieces with dimensions of 40 by 50 mm. We also encourage you to check the assortment of large bends – this is the best solution for the production of components for elevators, steel furniture, cable ducts or window and door frames. When choosing a product, you can contact our specialists who will be happy to help you make the right decision for your company’s needs. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the purchased machine will translate into a real increase in the efficiency of the processes carried out in the plant.

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