Guillotine shears

The guillotine shears improve one of the basic preparatory processes in metalworking – cutting sheet metal. In almost every sheet metal processing plant, the sheet metal packaging department, using coil sheet or standard sheets, feeds most of the other machines that carry out further planned operations. Industry is moving away from manual equipment, which is mostly used in small workshops, towards machines such as the sheet metal guillotine. Currently, the most popular solutions are electromechanical and hydraulic guillotine shears.

Hydraulic Swing-beam Shears HGL (up to 8mm) NC
Hydraulic Variable-Rake Guillotines Baykal HNC (up to 40mm) CNC
Hydraulic Swing-Beam Shears Baykal MGH (up to 20mm) NC
Swing beam shears RAS POWERcut2 (up to 6,3mm) CNC
Swing Beam Shears RAS PRIMEcut & SMARTcut (up to 3mm) NC

Electromechanical guillotine shears

Electromechanical guillotine PRIMEcut or SMARTcut from RAS available at Polteknik store are devices designed for thin sheets, usually up to a thickness of 1.0 -:- 3.0 mm. These machines have manual adjustment of the gap between the blades depending on the thickness of the sheet and have been equipped with special systems allowing, among others, to sort the material to the front and back of the machine. Due to the small thickness range of the sheets, the cutting angle offered by the guillotine is fixed. The machines are also equipped with a rear bumper driven by an AC motor and NC control, which allows you to conveniently program the desired dimension and quantity of cut pieces. The advantage of these machines is high speed and simplicity of construction.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

Thanks to the hydraulic drive, Baykal’s hydraulic guillotine shears allow to obtain a very high force transferred to the knives, which allows to separate sheet metal with a thickness of up to 40 mm! Baykal guillotines are equipped with digitally controlled adjustment of the gap between the blades, which is entered automatically after the type, thickness and length of the cut sheet has been entered. In order to reduce the twisting effect, the HNC models use an advanced “anti-twist” system, which involves pressing the material with hydraulic cylinders also from the bottom.

Regardless of the company profile, it is worth to bet on devices from the best manufacturers on the market, such as guillotine shears from the Turkish company Baykal and the German company RAS. Each of the available models is characterized by a robust construction and is equipped with subsystems that allow you to work efficiently for many working hours.

Guillotine shears in the assortment of Polteknik

Polteknik offers high-quality guillotine shears that work well in many production plants. Such solutions significantly improve work, increase the precision of processes, and also have a positive impact on the speed of performing various tasks. By using the sheet metal shears available from us, you can also optimise your process costs.

Sheet metal guillotine – characteristics of equipment from our store

Every guillotine that can be purchased in the Polteknik store is a solution from the best manufacturers on the market. We make sure that our offer meets the needs of even the most demanding plants – that is why we offer only proven, solid products, which are characterized by excellent quality of workmanship, precision of operation and low failure rate. These are mainly Baykal and RAS guillotine shears. These are companies that enjoy a positive opinion among users from many industries. Key advantages include high power, accuracy, robust design, low power consumption and the ability to work efficiently for many hours without interruption. The guillotine for sheet metal from a reputable brand is a device that can efficiently serve for many years.

Sheet metal guillotine shears and work safety

Guillotines will work well in many plants where metal sheets are processed. Sheet metal guillotine shears provide not only precise cutting, but also the ability to sort cut parts and waste; Moreover, some models allow the sheet to be returned to the operator. Every metal guillotine available in Polteknik’s offer is equipped with a safety system, which significantly reduces the chances of injuries that may occur during the processing of sheet metal or other materials.

The hydraulic models that are offered by Polteknik support different modes of operation, so they can be easily adapted to individual production processes. Their functionality and equipment also includes cutting line lighting, cushioned bumper, control and special elements to protect the operator’s fingers from the front of the machine. This allows you to effectively combine efficiency with safety at work.

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