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Maszyna do gratowania GL1000-PZ
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Deburring Machine GL1000-PZ

S The GL series of machines is characterized by the fact that it has an endless abrasive belt. It works well for sharp-edged burr that needs to be removed by abrasive machining.
The machine can be additionally equipped with one of two types of aggregates:

  • Fi150 vertical drives
  • rotor with rotating heads

The machine consists of two aggregates and is dedicated to deburring and rounding the edges of details after laser cutting, water cutting and punching. The abrasive cloth on the first aggregate is responsible for removing heavy burrs, while the second aggregate can round edges or remove oxides from the side surfaces of details.

Machine technical parameters:

Burr removal: yes
Edge rounding: yes
Oxide removal: yes
Descaling: no

Feet rate: 0,5 – 2 [m/min]
Processing thickness range: 0,5 – 100mm
Machine power: 20kw

Technical parameters of the unit 1 – type p:

Application: removal of burrs and strong burrs
Abrasibe material: abrasive cloth
Working width: 1000mm

Number of working tools: 1pcs
Tool diameter: 210mm
Drive power: 11kw

Technical parameters of the aggregate 2- type z:

Application: removal of small burr: rounding the edges; oxide removal
Abrasibe material: abrasive cloth/technical non-woven fabric
Working width: 1000mm

Number of working tools: 9pcs
Tool diameter: 150mm
Drive power: 7,5 kw

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