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Folding Machine MEGAbend

The MEGAbend metal folding system proves the precision of updown bending on thick and thin materials. Large-size parts, difficult and labor-intensive for press brakes, are ideal for the MEGAbend. The Bendex graphics software programs the bending sequences automatically. The stop system with fingers and suction bars allows automatic sequential bends. The ViN laser shows the operator the blank loading position. The tools offer plenty of free space for unique bending geometries.

Maximum bending length: 3200 mm
Maximum material thickness: 6 mm

MEGAbend Highlights:

  • UpDown folding of up to 6 mm mild steel
  • A single person can even bend large and heavy components
  • Easy operation: Part rests on gauging system
  • Fingers position the part
  • Separately controlled suction bars prevent shifting of the blank
  • Suction cups allow convenient blank loading
  • Suction cups return the bent part to the rear for easy operator access
  • ViN (Virtual Navigator) shows the loading position with a laser beam
  • Automatic sequential bends without operator intervention
  • Weight-reduced tools simplify tool setup
  • Tools with front- or rear-free geometry offer large free spaces
  • Two automatic pop-up squaring arms
  • Operation from gauging side (large panels)
  • Operation from folding beam side (smaller parts and profiles)
  • Two monitors for front or rear operation
  • Import of CAD file data (STEP, geo, dxf, dwg, etc)
  • Automatic programming of the bending sequences
  • Simulation of the bending sequences already in the office with office software
  • PowerBooster for extreme upper beam clamping forces
  • Intelligent folding beam crowning system
  • Air conditioning unit in the electrical cabinet for extreme outdoor conditions
  • Ideal solution for users with high demands on flexibility

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