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Zrobotyzowane stanowisko produkcji palet
Zrobotyzowane stanowisko produkcji palet
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Robotic pallet production station

The production of pallets involves the cumbersome participation of one or more operators. The presented proposal eliminates the most burdensome operations for the operator, and also enables, with the use of a second robot, the complete automation of the process of nailing pallets, including arming the table with pallet elements, and their transfer for unloading.

In the semi-automatic version, the operator equips the table with pallet elements, then the table automatically rotates by 180° and the robot, using automatic nailers, connects the pallet elements. The finished pallet is put “overlapped” on the conveyor to the programmed number of pieces. When this number is reached, the conveyor is started, which takes the pallet to the resting place, to the end of the conveyor. The conveyor consists of two parts; active and passive. The active one transports a stack of pallets, the passive one stores them. After the passive part is full, the robot continues to work, but does not transfer the finished stack until the passive part of the conveyor is unloaded. After the supply of nails is exhausted, the robot assumes a resting position in the safe zone, convenient for the operator to load the nailer magazines. In the version with two robots, the arming of pallets is carried out by the robot. Station capacity: min. 500 pcs/shift.


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